We like big screens but we are in love with small screens

Today we have a lot of indicators, a lot of data, a lot of research about television market but anyway it’s quite impossible to foresee the future of tv. Will the second screen be monetized? Will viewers use thousands of apps? Will people go on chatting about tv on social networks? Will tv guides be customized enough to allow viewers to save time choosing the right content to watch?

The only future of tv that seems very close it’s the one of tv everywhere (read “mobile”).

According to a recent Adobe research tv everywhere adopters are growing very fast especially on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets. By Q4 2012, mobile video starts – including both smartphones and tablets – have tripled year over year and currently account for over 10 percent of total digital video starts). According to another survey from market research companies Arbitron Inc. and Edison Research, 53 percent of Americans, an estimated 139 million people, own smartphones, up from 44 percent last year and tablet ownership jumped to 29 percent of the population this year from 17 percent last year. This means there are hundreds of million of us is on mobile, there are hundreds of million us with a smartphone in a pocket, in a bag, or held in the hand, there are hundreds of million of us getting more and more used to watch video contents everywhere on a small HD screen.

Actually with a smartphone we can almost do everything: speaking, writing, listening to music, take photos, shooting videos, social networking, checking eMails, surfing the web, arriving at the right destination, and watching video contents. Maybe in a few years we will wear glasses that will take the place of smartphones (but  they are different anyway from the big screen we have in the living room. For the second year in a row in the US televison sales are decreasing compared to Laptops, tablets and smartphones sales.

If you then think that according to a Adap.tv research advertising investors are switching more and more budget to online video and nearly half of those buying online video (48%) have added mobile video to their marketing arsenal, this let us understand that mobile is much more than a trend.

We are believing to be in love with big screens but our habits are changing because when we are all day long together with something which allows us to do everything, even watching television, we start getting more than friends with it.
We can like the top model on a magazine cover but at the end we date the girl next door.


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