Tv players should focus more on viewers than on technology

by Mattia Nicoletti

Tv players are launching everyday new features, new apps, new partnerships in order to acquire more and more market share. It is a day-by-day fight trying to build new standards in a very crowdy and complex place.

In this crazy tv market how viewers react?
In my opinion new technologies and ways to improve the offer are leading most of the times to wrong strategies.

Why do I write this? Because the value for the viewers is changing and it is not necessarily bound to the evolution of tv but instead to the change of the context. Social networks changed habits and behavior of the people that consider now valuable for them some kind of content, interaction and comfort of viewing.

For example some tv contents as talent shows never interesting for some people in the past, now, thanks to Twitter and other social networks are becoming strongly entertaining. In this case it is the interaction to add value to the viewer. Referring to comfort, freedom of choosing a tv series or a film in every single minute (Video on Demand) is taking some viewers to watch something that maybe they would have never watched simply because of their mood or their curiosity.
Anyway it still happens that viewers don’t want to choose personally a content even if they have a HBO or Netflix subscription and they just switch on the tv to watch a film they have seen 1000 times.

People don’t always need more they need value.

I think tv players should focus more on analysing how viewers behave than thinking about the evolution of technology just to add new features to their offer.
Doing so they could also understand better the right ads to deliver to a specific viewership. In the right context an ad can be value for the viewer.

If you are interested in this topic read this very good article by Nilay Patel, “ The new war for TV is just beginning”, explaining some of the problems of tv players strategies.

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