Tv Everywhere, brand-à-porter

by Mattia Nicoletti –

Tv Everywhere, watching a cable tv on a tablet, computer, smartphone in any place you are, could be a real killer app for pay tv.

Unfortunately according to strategies of the most of pay tvs it seems that for them it is not so important. It is right, Tv Everywhere means for a pay tv a technology upgrade, a control on the viewers (the authentication) and a control on the quality of the service (most of the time you need broadband), but it is also the opportunity for them to follow their viewers with the brand.

If you have the chance to have always your pay tv with you it will always be your first choice.

Tv Everywhere is:
a service to the customer (and we now how a good service sometimes it is better than a good product)
– a way to improve the bound between the brand and the customer
– an opportunity to increase the hours of viewing
– the chance to develop a growing interactivity with the viewer (we are more used to interact when we have in the hands a tablet or a smartphone more than we are with smart and connected tv)

Anyway industry does not think this way (except for Netflix and Hulu naturally born this way) as we can read on the following AdAge article:

The Universal Problem With TV Everywhere
Pay-TV Providers Are Unlikely to Shell Out to Market Free Service That’s Difficult to Measure

TV Everywhere has been touted as the savior of the cable industry; a tool that will ward off threats from the likes of Netflix. Yet, three years after Comcast and Time Warner unveiled the prototype for pay-TV subscribers to watch content via devices other than the traditional living-room screen, the idea is still cloaked in mystery.

The problem is marketing — or lack of it. While cable and satellite providers say they have been waiting for the technology and content to be built before they promote TV Everywhere, there could be another factor at work.

Read full article at AdAge

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