The complex world of social tv

by Mattia Nicoletti

I just finished reading an article by Michael Humphrey  on Forbes about Social Tv: “Social TV Data Is Not The New Nielsen: How It Might Be Better”. In this article Humphrey is wondering about the real engagement in new ways with tv shows of the average viewer. He describes the different points of view of some players and experts (read also Peter Kafka‘s “What if Social TV Is Less Social Than We Think?”)

The fact is that now anyone tries to say “social tv is working” or “social tv is not working” when social tv has no standards and is based most of the times on traditional television.

If you think that commercials are today still meant as the main tool of a brand advertising strategy you can’t surely think that social tv can improve them. Again, if Vod and Tv Everyhere are still at early stage how are you able now to evaluate the real power of social tv?

Last but not least some experts are doubting about measurements and about the slice of viewership involved, but they really analysed how much does it cost to manage a social tv strategy compared to other form of advertising?
Just think that the social tv team od CW (Which has tons of very social tv shows) is made out of 3 people (managing more than 100 social networks accounts).

If in 1 year social tv is changed so much, guess what will it be in 2014.

The elements involved in the future of social tv will be:

  • Contents (Gale Ann Hurd at Mipcom just told me that now she only thinks about transmedia storytelling)
  • Few standard platforms and apps (an app for every tv show is a mess to manage)
  • Mobile and Tv Everywhere (Everybody will get used to have his own tv shows in the pocket)
  • Video on Demand and Youtube (non-linear tv will impose social tv syncing)
  • The evolution of the social networks (Twitter an Facebook are aware of the importance of tv contents for them)
  • Viewers used to interact
  • Tools to analyse big data (it took years to get to a concrete online advertising measurement, it can’t be too different for social tv)
  • Advertising

Declaring today the failure of social tv it could slow an evolving process towards new advertising revenues for tv contents.

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