The Coming PS4 And Xbox One TV Channel Experiment

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The definition of what exactly a “television channel” is has been changing for quite some time now. The highest quality shows have slowly shifted from the big networks (NBC, ABC), to expand to cable (AMC, FX), pay channels (HBO, Showtime) and most recently, to streaming services that don’t need cable […]

Mattia Nicoletti‘s insight:

Why PS4 (Sony) should produce a tv show? I agree with Paul Tassi who wrote this article but if we try to have a vision of the future of video contents we could answer that transmediality is going to explode and games developers that know how to write a story could really jump on that train. A content today can be a vehicle for a brand, for a network, for a game and why not for a console. Ecosystems will rule our world in the next years and everyone want its spot. 

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