Television Development Needs To Be About Ideas, Not Ads

If there is any hope of success in the coming television development year, networks need to start believing in the intelligence of its creators, not its marketers and ratings analysts.


What Merrill Barr writes in this article is the whole truth. I am not exagerating because in a world ruled by communication, marketing and advertising creative processes are strongly influenced by them. I remember when after the success of Lost and Grey’s Anatomy the most of the networks were looking for  the new Lost or the new Grey’s just because it would have been easier to get adv investor money. But in the last 10 years have you ever watched a tv series as Lost or Grey’s? No. We had plenty of character dramas and medical dramas but no one has been like those two.

On the other side after Mad Men (impossible to replicate) many unusual tv series set have been created, mostly by cable. Made Men allowed creators to free their mind…

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