Tablet + Tv Everywhere, the “first screen” of the future

by Mattia Nicoletti

Before analysing why tablets-tv everywhere mix can change tv market, here are some data:

31% of online Americans now own a tablet, more than doubling the ownership rate from October of last year (14%). Nearly half (45%) of online consumers told the Consumer Electronics Association that they expect to purchase a tablet within the next two years.”
85% of US tablet owners use their tablets while watching TV, according to Nielsen.”
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The research firm SNL Kagan says that in September, 3.1M unique users streamed TV Everywhere programming at AT&T, Cox, Comcast (Xfinity), Verizon, Cablevision (Optimum), Time Warner Cable, and Dish Network. That comes to just 5.1% of the roughly 60M customers who could have accessed TV Everywhere videos at those companies. The data suggest “relatively weak TV Everywhere awareness among cable, DBS and telco video subs, most likely due to the lack of any serious marketing campaigns to promote the product,” analyst Tony Lenoir says. It also means the services have a long way to go to catch up to other streaming video providers. For example, Hulu had 21.3M unique users in September, while Netflix had 16.2M.”

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The future of television seems to be unpredictable but some data are very clear. Tablets and smartphones are now in the hands of million of people watching videos on mobile, and with Video on Demand services as Netflix and Hulu and networks and cable tv potentially targeting to tv everywhere, it is possible that in the next few years tablets may become the first screen.

Comfort of watching contents in any place can be more important than the size of traditional television, and we must not forget the power of social tv played most of the times on mobile devices.

Tablets (and smartphones) can also stream their contents on bigger screens that as we said are becoming secondary.
Until now cable tv are not strongly marketing tv everywhere (mostly due to autenthication problems) but when this service will be empowered tablets will have the real opportunity to be the king of the screens.


2 Responses to Tablet + Tv Everywhere, the “first screen” of the future

  1. Hi Mattia,
    Some big statistics there. I will be using them.
    I think the screens will all switch being the primary screens. it is the content that the viewer cares about, not the device.
    When and where they are watching will impact what device/s they have available.
    In Australia, we are set to have a Broadband Network installed that will give us world class internet connections which will accelerate consumption. Adoption is already high.
    How is it in Italy?

    • Dear Tommy thank you very much for your comment.
      I agree with you I have always believed that content it is more valuable than any screen. In Italy mobile Has always been very strong with over 90 million contracts with a population of 60 million people. We have a good broadband network (at the end of the year some mobile companies will introduce 4G) with ADSL and fiber and 28 million internet users. We are much more Facebookers than Twitters. In fact Twitter is not so much used and consequently social tv is not so popular (just X-Factor is performing very well). Sat tv and digital tv companies (SKY and Mediaset) introduced some months ago video on demand service and SKY launched about 8 months ago tv everywhere (SkyGo).

      We have great chances to develop new tv strategies but my feeling is that tv networks are still not ready for a future of tv. We have the potential but not the will to risk.
      Anyway it is wonderful to live the change!
      Cheers to you

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