Social Tv is learning, learning, learning, changing, changing, changing

by Mattia Nicoletti

Everyday I spend about 2 hours reading news about television, technology and social network.
Everyday I learn something new, everyday something changes.

In the last month social tv network Viggle bought Get Glue, Instagram is not anymore linked to Twitter, Twitter is integrated with Pinterest. 3 facts able to affect lot of present and future social tv strategy. In these cases we have to act immediately and if we are developing a strategy we have to change and we must find another solution or maybe we must get the new opportunity.

The nature of man is against changes because every change has a switching cost. When we buy a new mobile phone we are forced to learn once more how to to text, how to read eMail, how to dial a number, how to connect to social networks and so on. We take a while to learn how the new mobile phone works, and sometimes when are fed up of reading the instructions and we just use it without taking advantage of all the feature. This is why we generally hate changes.

Anyway, today, if we are working in the television market we face changes every single day and if we don’t learn how it can change we really risk to fail or make the wrong choices.

In a changing world we have to change. And the best way to change is to learn.

With social tv we are back to school.


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