Social tv is getting bigger when everybody talks about social tv

by Mattia Nicoletti

During this year I have read and learned a lot about social tv. I read that there are lot of people believing in it and lot of people thinking it is overrated. I read that tv ratings could be linked to social comments and I also read that a high number of social comments is not necessarily linked to tv shows with high ratings.

I could go on an on writing about 2012 social tv facts and strategies, but at the end I strongly believe that now the most important thing for social tv is talking about social tv.

Social tv is spreading because specialized and traditional press, online and print, are dedicating more and more pages to social tv. This happens because big live events, as the Olympics, the elections, Superbowl, Grammys, involving million of people in social tv, are becoming an interesting topic for all the media. More media, more readers, more social tv.

Read this social tv chart by Michael Humphries on Forbes with all the most important social tv facts of 2012.


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