Social Tv in the Remix Era

by Mattia Nicoletti

MIT lab presented few days ago a project called Infinite Jukebox.

Infinite Jukebox  it’s a web app which deconstructs in patterns the songs uploaded by users and rebuild them randomly in loop in a infinite play. It’s a sort of non-stop music remix. It’s a way for listening a favourite song having it new every single minute.

This project and this article made me think about a very big trend rising in the last years: we are in the Remix Era.
It’s all about chemistry
because mixing two different elements allow you to get a new one.

Transmedia for example has to do something with the remix because in some projects the storytelling is destructured. We can enter in a story through different doors and even a traditional fairy tale can be remixed.

In the web series world, H+, created by Bryan Singer, and made of 48 episodes, it is possible to watch episodes randomically and follow the storyline in the way we prefer. Otherwise we can follow the episodes in their sequence. You always have a new experience.

Even videogames are following this trend. In the last chapter of the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops 2, let the player experience 2 storyline paths so he can re-game the storyline in a different way.

Talking about social tv, today there are lot of elements that can be combined to build a new experience for the viewers. We have social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Storify, etc.), social tv networks (Viggle+Get Glue, Zeebox, Miso, etc), second screen apps, smartphones and tablets, tv ecosystems that we can remix to get new experiences, and now we are also starting having social video contents.

As in music in social tv we can have good remixes and bad remixes, but the final task is to let the viewer live a valuable and entertaining experience (for him) which can be the same but different every single minute, as it happens for Infinite Jukebox.

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