Smartphones and tablets, our voice 2.0

by Mattia Nicoletti

Once we were communicating by letter, by phone (the one we had at home) or in person.
Since we have mobile phones and internet we have new ways of communicating (and letter and home phone are not much used anymore). Now with smartphones and tablet we can communicate with anyone in different ways anytime anyplace.
We are used to it, this is how we do it. We communicate in this way every minute, every second. We have smartphones and tablets in our hands for a lots of hours during the day (there is no study about it) because they are our voice 2.0.

Referring to social tv, mobile is the killer tool. We watch tv in the meanwhile we text, we tweet, we chat, we facebook. And often we write about what we are watching.
We use our voice 2.0 anytime we cannot communicate directly to someone near us.
It happens than that we can be focused on what we are watching on tv but anytime we live an emotional moment we need to tell it to someone. So we go back to our voice 2.0.

It is not about second screen, it is all about communication.

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