Second Screen: Home vs Stadiums

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In an age where financial capital is stretched between so many different resources, how important is it for clubs to make sure stadiums are fully digitally enabled? and even if they were, do fans p…

Mattia Nicoletti‘s insight:

“The NFL has taken this view and has been experimenting with on-demand video replays and order-from-your-seat snack and beer service, controlled by apps on a smartphone or tablet. This enhances match-day experiences and makes the fan feel they are getting ‘more for their money’, particularly younger fans who may be used to extensive digital content. Fundamentally, younger fans are the future of the clubs, and if this core begins to feel that they can engage more from the comfort of their own homes, revenues will slide.”

In sports second screen is the real star.  It can engage viewers at home and at the stadium in different ways. Again sports may be a real driver to make people get used to something that is going to stay.

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