Robert Pratten: “Between 2014 and 2015 we’re going to see an explosion in creativity in Transmedia Storytelling”

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I wanted to interview Robert Pratten (CEO at Transmedia Storyteller and one of the most important person in the world of Transmedia Storytelling) since a lot of months ago. Finally, I have got it a…

Mattia Nicoletti‘s insight:

Robert Pratten: “In practice this means really understanding the audience and what it is we offer them – our core promise. And then we have to create experiences that appeal to intrinsic motivations such as connectedness, autonomy, mastery, significance, consistency and surprise. These six human needs are what we all look for and find in different places. Whenever we see someone that’s truly motivated or even we might say addicted then one or more of these motivations is at play.”

Great interview by Eduardo Pradanos to Robert Pratten. Transmedia creates immersive experiences that in some ways can really change the way people can live stories. In fact a story can be read on a book, can be watched on a screen, can be listened to the radio, but can be lived through transmedia. It is a 4D experience and can be different for everyone. It’s like travelling in a place where there are many other people living their own experience.

I agree with Pratten that the return on investment of a transmedia project must evaluated as a whole because if some platforms are useful for storytelling it does not mean that are producing revenues.

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