Oculus Rift Just Put Facebook in the Movie Business

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Just as the movie industry gathered this week at CinemaCon to discuss its future, Facebook came along and changed it without even bothering to show up in Las Vegas. The surprise $2 billion acquisit…

Mattia Nicoletti‘s insight:

What is cinema? What is television?

Today when we refer to contents there is no need anymore to define the destination of them, where we watched them. Television set is just a screen, and the same is for cinemas.

For sure there are some contents that are more suitable for some media, but at the end it’s all about storytelling.

Probably, we must have a different approach when we refer to ecosystems. Ecosystems (Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft) have the chance to develop contents creating transmedia and immersive experiences.

In this very good article, Andrew Wallenstein evaluates the opportunities for Facebook after acquiring Oculus. Movie business it something Zuckerberg may evolve.

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