Mobile Video: A Primetime Opportunity for Advertisers

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ADOTAS – The mobile video audience is growing rapidly: According to Yankee Group, 2014 will see mobile video viewing levels […]

Mattia Nicoletti‘s insight:

 Research by Boff & Lincoln shows that visual acuity decreases as viewing distance increases – so for close viewing distances a user’s awareness and judgment is at its maximum. While science has just begun to broach the subject of visual acuity and its correlation with mental cognition, it can be inferred that better acuity will equal clearer cognitive consumption of media. This of course makes a great scientific case for mobile video advertising and for those who say (screen) size matters.”

With broadband and retina resolution, mobile video experience can be even more compelling than the one at home. Is the physical perception of the screen size that make us believe that is not so.

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