J.J. Abrams Revolution makes social tv totally worthy

Last year a Nielsen study stated that there is a link between social tv comments and ratings.

Lot of tv experts and manager denied what expressed by Nielsen and until now Networks and Cable tv planned social tv strategy without being certain about the value of the outcomes.

The fact is that if we agree that Nielsen study was a bit superficial we also have to say that the prediction for new fall tv shows ratings through the social networks buzz seems to be true. Revolution, considered the most commented show on social networks before the premiere, scored amazing ratings.

It can be just a coincidence but if ratings analysis will evolve (as explained in the article at the bottom) I am very convinced that it will be discovered that the role of social tv strategy is key for television.

Here is the article:

How social TV buzz really does move the ratings needle

We’ve reported on many case studies over the last couple years about how social media has the power to drive people to TV. Twitter repeatedly says it’s “driving people to linear television” with real-time conversations,citing a study that showed increasing positive correlation nearing airtime. Facebook explains it’s “pretty confident” the platform drives viewership. And a survey by TVGuide discovered 17 percent of respondents say they have started to watch a show and 31 percent say they have continued to watch a show because of a social impression.

But there are still skeptics.

The full article here on Lostremote

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