Is Get Glue key to social tv strategy?

I often wonder myself Get Glue is very important to social tv.

Check-ins are low in numbers compared to Tweets but viewers seem slowly appreciating this social network. I mean, Get Glue is an amazing social tool for networks and cables but so many second screen apps, improving tv guides, its future can be a question mark.

Two days ago for The Walking Dead season 3 premiere that set an amazing cable tv ratings record to 10.9 million viewers, Get Glue got 161k check-ins setting also a record for scripted shows. With those numbers Get Glue starts getting very interesting.

Anyway we have to say that check-ins were just 2-3% of total viewers amount. With these numbers I believe that Get Glue future can be based on partnerships with networks and cables to add gamification to social tv strategy.

Engaging viewers is a very slow process and for many ways still very unpredictable.

Mattia Nicoletti (@mattianicoletti)

Here following you can read the article about The Walking Dead Get Glue record.

‘The Walking Dead’ sets GetGlue social TV record

By Natan Edelsburg on October 15, 2012 4:22 PM

According to Trendrr, “The Walking Dead” set a GetGlue premiere record with “160,949 check-ins, comments, and more.” The return of AMC’s never ending Zombie apocalypse continues to prove that GetGlue is the place to be for primetime scripted shows. GetGlue has begun release a weekly chart on the top broadcast and cable scripted shows on their platform. Here’s a look at this weeks list.

full article at Lost Remote

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