Future of television [analysis]

In a very interesting article Chuck Parker has analysed through Gartner Hype Cycle. In this chart you can see how technology may affect the television market

In my idea
– Ecosystems will be the key to win in a so fragmented market.
For this reason API for third party integration will be very important in particular for connected tv (if they want to survive)

– Second screen experience with growing broad-broadband and screen resolution will conquer viewers and will force tv producers to fight back

– Second Screen experience will allow social tv to take more more place and and non-tv social networks thank to the huge number of users will be a big problem for tv social networks

Here you can read chuck parker article:

I was reading an article recently from an industry “evangelist” describing the second screen phenomena as very “nascent technology”, that the odds of you discovering that something is on television that you didn’t pre-record or already know about is low, that the majority of consumers will continue to want to channel surf to watch the lion’s share of their content and that the “remote is not going anywhere anytime soon”.

Not a middle of the road stance.

I thought long and hard about that article.  Part of the problem being described is a classic market adoption challenge known as “crossing the chasm”.  Fair enough–people’s behaviors take time to change as we are all creatures of habit.  But as I read and re-read the article, I started looking at the individual feature comments and thought in terms of the feature sets we have used to describe second screen (Simple, Social, Seamless, Stimulating, Discovery).

Read full article here digitalvideospace

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