A Tv Guide to rule the tv world

Time is today a extremely scarce resource.

If we are talking about television with thousands of contents available on Tv Networks, Cable, Vod and streaming, viewers are beginning to face a great problem that will get worse in years to come: the choice of right content to watch without wating too much time. Tv guides are getting more and more important and, as a consequence, we would need one that could manage and organize as more content as possible to give us the right advice based on our preferences, on our mood, on our available time. It should also warn us about forthcoming contents, and about our future plans (if I planned to watch a content live on wednesday in prime time) Tv Guide should know it.

Most of tv players are developing (or have already developed) their own tv guide but this is not enough. Some of them “understand” what we watch but they are limited to one or few channels. I know that a Tv Guide like the one I dream, it is not easy to think, to create and to produce, but there is one company which has actually the know-how to do this. And it is Amazon.

Jeff Bezos since the very beginning invested millions of dollars for his customers in order to give them valuable infos. Personalization+Customization+Service are the factors that made Amazon grow and get the wow effect by the people who decide to buy some products in what was formerly the biggest bookstore online.

Amazon has the technology and a good knowledge of the video market, and viewers are actually customers.

There are certainly some conflicts of interests because Amazon should open the market to competitors but I believe that a chance like this to establish its power starting from the people that hold the remote control (smartphone or whatever) is something more than a gold box.

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