4K TV Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

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As a tech journalist, it’s my job to be skeptical about bleeding-edge technology, and I have plenty of hesitation when it comes to recommending ultra-high-definition TV.

Mattia Nicoletti‘s insight:

Some years ago I had a chat with the marketing manager of the Home Video business unit of a major. I was telling him that they sold us some films three times, the first time in VHS, the second one in DVD and the third one in Blue-Ray.

Tis is not very different from the strategy adopted by tv sets producers. Every4-5 years  they find new technologies to change the market. The matter is that these technology evolution does not work even because we have to understand that people don’t change tv sets necessarily following what is new on the market.

In my opinion 3DTV is going to be forgotten (even if at CES some brands presented new models) and 4K it will take some time to be filled by contents. And the contents working well with 4K will be primarily sports and documentaries because films and tv series don’t need iper-reality.

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