When television is the teacher and cinema a good student

by mattia nicoletti

The dream of any director, of any actor, is being played on the big screen.

Today, anyway, in my opinion, the small screen takes the lead. It is more creative (I am referring to projects for a big number of viewers) and it is exploring new opportunities. Video on demand today is getting more more market share and companies like Netflix are known all over the world even if they are operating in just few countries.

Video on demand has been more than a inspiration for Gathr, a film distribution company that plays independent movies in theatres where they are requested. It is cinema on demand.

How does it works?

Filmakers and Gathr Films through low budget communication (social media, word of mouth, etc) engage motivated viewers that invest themselves in spreading the word. In this way theatres are sold out with people really interested in watching that film and that are then committed to tell about it to their friends and social networks audience.

As I wrote in my last post, Social Tv in the Remix Era, creativity is about chemistry and if you borrow a model from a different world and take it to yours you can really create something new.

Another lesson taken from Gathr is that today meritocracy is an emerging trend: if you are good and if you have a good product you can aspire to greatness.

Read this article on tribecafilm.com if you like to know something more about Gathr and its case studies.

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