Viewers don’t think about social tv, they just do it

by Mattia Nicoletti

After I finished reading this article on Lostremote I thought a very simple thing: every single moment we are watching television or tv contents we are involved in social tv.

It happens because we have some new habits now. We have been using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter since a while and we consider using them part of our daily life. In the same way we are using our smartphones.

We have been always talking about tv shows and live tv events on the phone, at a dinner, at work, at school, and now we are just doing this in a different way.

Coming back to Lostremote article, this year companies investing in Superbowl are using YouTube to show their commercials before the Game to involve more users to watch them. They are not worried that their commercials will not be watched by the people during the game because they are aware that anyway, even if the curiosity of the viewers will never be the same, people will chat about them as usual. And today usual means through Twitter, Facebook and so on.

Social tv is part of our life more than social networks and app developers can imagine.

So, what they have to understand is “people need not to think about social tv, people just do it”.

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